What is this?

In a sentence? A template for 11ty projects so that you don't have to set up minification with every new project.

The best way to achieve performance on the web is by delivering the smallest payload possible and pre-rendering any dynamic resources as much as possible. After trying many Static Site Generators, I've found that 11ty delivers ease of use and powerful resources to pre-render anything I need. I've used it extensively to create side projects which always pass 100% lighthouse scores (something just not possible with most modern frameworks).

Though I've grown to love 11ty, it has become apparent that it is a fairly bare-bones SSG. After the third or fourth time having to set up the same basic configs and settings, I got tired of trying to remember how to enable minification, vs code build settings, and other features I wanted by default. Yeoman is an industry-standard tool which scaffolds out projects.

This project allows you to run yo eleventy-reasonable to take the tedium out of setting up a project for the best SSG on the market.


How do I get started?

  1. Install node
  2. Install Yeoman
  3. Run yo eleventy-reasonable
  4. Provide the package name, author, and license

And you're done!

Can I use this for a commercial project?

Yes! This project is licensed under MIT. If you're doing something cool, let me know!

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